Working at NYFW: Get a Freelance Position

Team JBC

Feb 12, 2018


NYFW is off to a great start, and today’s blog post is about the positions that make the “behind the scenes” pieces come together. We have the scoop from Jackie Fischer, the manager of our freelance team which staffs a ton of roles for NYFW & beyond.

Q. What jobs make NYFW happen?

There are a lot! A bunch that come to mind are Showroom Assistants, Stylists, Steamers, PR Assistants, Backstage Assistants, Event Assistants, Model Dressers, Sample Coordinators, Sales Assistants, Photo Assistants, and Design Assistants. This of course does not cover everything but it’s the majority of the freelance jobs we staff for this big event. Some of these roles are onsite at the shows while others are in a corporate office or showroom.


Q. What background do you need to get hired into one of these roles?

Many of these roles require internships and exposure to the industry but are great for people looking to grow and build up their experience. Any experience in PR, Sales/Wholesale, Marketing, Social Media, or Showroom coordinating will usually work.


Q. Does every brand run the shows the same or differently?

Fashion week has evolved a lot in recent years. It used to take place in Bryant Park and then Lincoln Center. Now the shows take place all over the city. Designers choose the location of their shows based on the look and feel of a space and try to find something that adds to the aesthetic of the show. It definitely allows them to have more creative expression and differentiate from each other.


Q. What is your best advice for someone who is new to the industry and wanting to get involved?

Be willing to start from the bottom and work your way up!  It’s really important to gain as much knowledge of the designers as possible, especially the emerging brands that not everyone knows of yet. You need to be up to speed on the latest social media trends such as knowing who the top influencers are and what brands they are associated with. Be aware of some of the new collaborations happening which is a huge trend right now. Also, know how to use a laptop or tablet, or have experience with programs like Fashion GPS. Technology, as you can imagine, has become a big part of the industry and specifically fashion week in order to keep everything organized.


If you get the opportunity to work at NYFW, here are some tips for you:

  • Communication skills are key. Many of the jobs are front facing and dealing with people constantly. Whether assisting on a sample run, helping set up market appointments, assisting a design team, talking with press or media, etc., you will definitely need to be a strong communicator.
  • Timeliness is important. Be respectful of others deadlines and be early!
  • Be organized. You will be making lists and doing administrative tasks.
  • Stay Professional. You will probably be around around high profile celebrities and designers and they do not want to see you acting like a “fan”. It might be hard but remaining calm and composed is super important.
  • Look the part. This is fashion week after all. Most of our hires are instructed to wear all black during the week.

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