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Talent FAQs

A staffing or recruiting agency helps to match companies (our clients) with job seekers (which we call candidates). We work with thousands of companies in a number of industries, who pay us to find qualified candidates to fill their current job openings.

Apply for an open job based on your location and skillset. Our jobs are updated daily so be sure to check back frequently if you don’t see anything right away. You may also email with a copy of your resume or call us directly to connect with our recruiters.

No, as a candidate this is a free service to you.

To update your information or resume listed in our database you can either reach out directly to your recruiter, email us at or speak to someone directly by calling us here.

If your skillset matches the role in question, a recruiter will reach out to you to schedule an initial screening. From there, if we have an opportunity for you then we’ll connect you with the client and walk you through each step of the process from start to finish.

It depends on what we're working on! You may hear back quickly if we have something that's the right fit for you now or in the future, or you may not hear back from us for a while. We get roles in every hour, every day so we often want to meet you proactively not to discuss a specific role open that minute, but to speak to you for future roles that will come in very soon.

If you are working with other agencies or interviewing on your own, please be upfront about it and share the details with your recruiter. It helps everyone involved if we are in the know and are able to schedule you accordingly.

Be honest about your skill sets! If we place you in a role where Excel knowledge is required and you aren’t up to date on Excel, they will figure it out during the assignment and the job will be terminated.

Yes, please provide us dates for any vacation plans you have when we first meet you or speak with you.

For freelance, we don’t always know if a role has potential for longer term or permanent hire. We provide as much info as we can and as we receive updates from the clients the freelancers are the first to know.

If you see an open position you are interested in applying for online and you have already met with a JBC recruiter, mention it to them before applying on that company’s website. Often, if it’s a client we work with, we can get your resume to the top of the deck much faster than if you apply online.

For freelance, some roles come in and close within an hour so candidate response time is important. Make sure we have your best contact information. For permanent roles it varies.

Yes, if you have already interviewed with them that doesn’t mean we can’t send you, but we do need to know the details.

Absolutely, if we place you on an assignment check in with us when it ends. We would love to find you a placement elsewhere!

As a company, we know how important benefits are, so JBC is dedicated to providing freelance employees with affordable care plans. Medical, Dental & Visions Plans are offered at 60 days of fulltime employment pending the first of the month. JBC offers all eligible employees a medical insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements which means that they cover all required services and your share of the cost is within the limits set by the ACA. Alongside the medical plan, all eligible enrolled employees are also offered a Health Savings Account (HSA) to contribute savings to for any future medical needs.

Please reach out to to discuss any payroll and/or HR related inquiries.

We require each candidate we screen for new opportunities in the US to fill out our Candidate Application, as we have a responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to work in the US. They are saved on a private, secure server and not shared with anyone. You only need to fill out the required fields. If you have any questions about the Candidate Application, please reach out to your recruiter, email, or call us directly at 212.355.3197.

Yes, that is something we need to make our clients aware of.

Typically, we nor our clients do not offer relocation or visas unless it is stated in the job description. We can however act as a resource to help you find a job if you have relocated yourself!

Client FAQs

Our goal at JBC is to make this process as seamless as possible for you! Simply fill out our talent form here to receive a response within one business day or call our offices directly to get started.

At JBC, client partnerships are everything. Because of that, we work within your budget to find full-time or freelance hires. To get started, please complete this form here or reach out to us directly here so we can get an understanding of your needs and come to an agreement that is right for you.

JBC offers a wide range of staffing services that can be viewed here.

Yes, we have an extensive network of talent that is ready and able to work remotely with the push of a button.

Yes, simply reach out to your main point of contact at JBC to get the process started.

We can find someone for you ranging from a few hours for a quick fill, to a long-term search that can take as much time as you need.

All placements have a guarantee period where we will provide a replacement if a candidate does not work out, which will be outlined in our initial service agreement.

Please reach out to to discuss any payroll and/or HR related inquiries.