Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the need for freelancers. Freelancers are also known as temps or consultants and can be defined as someone who is working for one company or multiple companies at different times rather than being attached to one company permanently.

Companies hire freelancers to fill various needs. Sometimes they need to cover an employee who is sick or on maternity leave. They might also need the extra help during busy times like market, exploring a specific new line or style or are looking for a permanent employee but want to ensure that the candidate is the right fit by freelancing them first.

JBC’s head of freelance has compiled the top ten reasons why candidates should consider freelance positions:

  1. Freelancing keeps your skills ready and sharp, since you’re always moving to the next position or assignment. Working freelance is skills driven rather than title driven, so no matter what you are doing, you won’t forget those key skills if they are being used regularly.
  2. Freelancing is an amazing networking opportunity. You will meet other freelancers and employees as well as hiring managers who might be good contacts for future opportunities.
  3. If you aren’t working and you have nothing else to do…why not make a little money! It will force you to wake up and get out of your home.
  4. It may lead to full time permanent work. Freelancing is sort of like a long interview, employers are able to try out candidates before hiring them. If you prove yourself and go above and beyond while freelancing, the company won’t want to see you go!
  5. You can try out different positions. Maybe you have no idea what you want to do or your feelings toward a specific career path have changed, freelancing will allow you to try different positions with no long term expectations.
  6. You can try out work environments and companies before committing to them. You don’t always know the whole situation until you work somewhere, freelancing gives you the opportunity to try out various companies and see where you fit best.
  7. It will help to improve your resume. Whether you are seeking a total career change or just don’t have much experience, freelancing will help your resume stand out. It really says a lot about a candidate if they are able to adapt to different work environments and positions.
  8. Freelancing keeps your references up to date. You will have a long list of references for future employers to contact and you can also use your recruiter as a reference to provide client feedback on your performance.
  9. The pay. Hourly rates can be even higher than yearly salaries and if the company does not provide benefits there is much more room for negotiations. Also, you are compensated for your overtime.
  10. It is fun! You won’t get bored trying new and different opportunities.