Top Programs for Getting a Start in UX/UI Design and Coding

Team JBC

Sep 21, 2018


Interested in exploring a career in the tech world? The tech industry is growing rapidly and startups are constantly popping up and in need of new talent. Whether you’re in need of a refresher course or looking to become an expert in coding or UX/UI, here is a comprehensive list of resources you can use to get yourself on track and one step closer to that dream job:


  1. Codecademy (Free): Codecademy is by far the most popular tool for beginners who are just starting their coding adventure. Their claim to fame is free classes and simplicity. Program features tutorials with easy to follow directions that they say can make a coding guru out of anyone.
  2. CodeWars (Free): CodeWars has a unique program for teaching code by basing it off the teachings of martial arts. Coders of all levels collaborate in a “dojo” where they train together to overcome sets of challenges or “kata” to better their skill sets. Learning through a game? Sounds pretty cool to us!
  3. GA Dash (Free): General Assembly’s take on teaching code is through their new course Dash. You work on a series of interactive projects which culminate in the creation of your own (published!!) web page.


  1. Hack Design: Hack Design offers easy to follow lessons sent straight to your inbox weekly that are handcrafted by a design pro. They offer cheat sheets and tutorials in case you need a helping hand to really get you thinking like a designer!
  2. The Gymnasium: Boasts free classes taught by instructors who are practicing professionals and leaders in their field to ensure you are getting instruction from the best of the best. Courses include those such as UX Fundamentals, Sketching for UI and UX, and Coding amongst others.
  3. CareerFoundry: Another great option, that comes with a small fee, but also comes with a job guarantee for your peace of mind. You complete all your work online, at your own pace with support from a mentor. They offer courses such as UI and UX design, and web development.

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