Thinking of getting a new job, but feeling hopeless and confused on where to begin? We feel for you! It’s not an easy feat having a full time job while looking for a new full time job, but what if that was someone’s actual area of expertise? What if you could have someone take on that job for you? Ever thought about hiring a recruiter? We know what you’re thinking and the misconceptions you probably already have about recruiting firms and we are here to play devil’s advocate-don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Now-a-days the job market is more competitive than ever. For many reputable companies when you apply online to their job portal you are just a number in the pool of thousands that are doing the same exact thing. What sets you apart? What relationship do you have with the hiring manager?  What are you doing to stand out from the crowd and make yourself a memorable candidate? One of the great things about working with the right recruiter is it will instantly rank you higher in the list of candidates applicable for the role.  You are no longer just another applicant anonymously applying online, but an insider.  If the recruiter has a strong relationship with the hiring manager, they are your own little promotional team. They are able to speak with the hiring manager and understand firsthand what their ideal candidate looks like. Your recruiter should be your source of knowledge, complimenting your own research and preparation. But a GREAT recruiter will educate you about the role, the company, and the players whom you will meet and or work for.  They will provide you with tips for your interview(s), make sure you are aware of what to do before as well as after your interview and review and make comments to your resume. In addition, they have the ability to speak and advocate on your behalf with the hiring manager supporting increased odds of a successful offer with the client.

One of the great assets your recruiter should serve for you is as a “middleman” between you and the hiring manager. For some, there may be topics you are intimidated to discuss with the hiring manager such as salary, PTO, benefits, or you have had enough experience to know that leveraging a middleman can serve as a great tool in your negotiation with a client and a potential job offer.  It is a less anxiety ridden situation when you are able to discuss these crucial topics with your recruiter and they are then able to more effectively and efficiently negotiate for you. Your recruiter’s ultimate goal is to get you the job and more importantly get you an offer letter that you are truly happy with to ensure longevity in the role!

Many individuals are under the misconception that you, the candidate, pays a recruiter for their services. However, that is far from the truth. The recruiter does not get paid until they find you a job and once that occurs, they are paid by the company.

In summary, today’s job market is tough and extremely competitive.   Now more than ever your job search will weigh on networking, connections and really putting yourself out there. Working with a recruiter is an excellent tool to utilize throughout this journey of looking for your dream job. We may even know a few recruiters we can refer you to 😉