Take My Money, Just Don’t Take My Facebook…or My Twitter

Team JBC

Dec 20, 2011


Raise your right hand if you check your Facebook at work. Raise your left hand if you tweet at work. Now, wave them from side to side if you spend more time online monitoring your social media accounts than you do actually working.

A new generation of Internet-reliant individuals is in the job market and according to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report, they’re willing to exchange a few zeros on their paychecks for social media access at work. Throw in the option to choose a company iPhone over a Blackberry and you have a deal!

College students and recently employed college graduates were surveyed and findings show social media access plays a significant role in whether or not a job offer will be accepted.

To the companies faced with hiring this new tech-savvy generation – Is offering social media access and the ability to use a smartphone worth the lower price? Also, if social media access isn’t monitored, there is a potential that the perk could be taken advantage of.

In the professional world, is it too much to ask an employee to come to work…and…work?  Or is it too much for a company to ask an employee to completely disconnect for eight hours a day, five days a week?