One of the most commonly asked questions from our candidates is how to break into the exciting fashion industry. You asked, so we are here to share our tips! And who better to interview than Stacy Gesualdo, who has been with JBC working with fashion clients for the majority of her career. She explained how to get started in the business and the best way to develop your career.

Q. How does someone get started in the industry?

As a student, I would suggest getting as many industry specific internships as possible. It is very important to gain experience and build your credentials. When you’re ready for your first job, JBC can help. We have many assistant level roles and will work with you to not only land one, but to also guide and coach you through the process.

Q. What areas of fashion offer growth opportunities?

Tons! E-commerce and marketing roles in particular are super-hot right now! Our clients are always searching for strong sales candidates as well to expand their business. There will always be voids in the analytical areas as well like planning.

Q. What other positions do your clients have a high need in?

Every company is different but I’d say there are always openings in Design, Finance, in store Retail, and Production and then as listed above, Sales and Marketing.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory about placing a candidate or working with a client?

One of the most rewarding parts about my job is the relationships I’ve built over the years.  There are some candidates I’ve placed 2 or 3 times building and developing their career. For clients, I have helped them both rebrand and develop their business by finding them people who have made an impact on their company. For example, at one client, I placed the Head of Design for their men’s and women’s divisions and it’s been amazing to see the collection evolve.

Q. What is the best way to get in contact with a recruiter?

Contact us! Let us know what type of job you are looking for and we will connect you with the appropriate recruiter who specializes in that area.

Reach out to jump start your fashion career! Email us at today.