"Do the thing you think you cannot do."

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Anthony attended Kent State University to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and later set his sights on a career in a big city. When an internship opportunity in Los Angeles presented itself, he moved to the West Coast with hopes of this becoming a permanent relocation, and a start to his fashion career.

After interning in Merchandising, he later moved onto Wholesale for a Contemporary womenswear company, where he gained experience in working with specialty store buyers, and maintaining a wholesale business.

After learning the ropes in the world of Wholesale, Anthony moved on to becoming an Account Executive in the junior’s clothing industry, selling to Off-price retailers and Department Stores. However, once the pandemic hit his position pivoted to operations where he learned the inner workings of a fashion company, but ultimately decided that it was time for a career change.

With a base skill set in Merchandising, and Wholesale, along with a newfound knowledge of Operations, he realized that he was a multi-faceted and well versed fashion professional. He quickly realized that he could truly speak to all aspects of the business, and could apply this experience to his new career in recruitment.