With the current remote and distanced world that we are living in, everyone has had to adjust their personal AND professional lifestyles.

The present-day social climate has forced businesses to not only be proactive with their adjustments to working from home for now AND the future, but they’ve been forced to move their interview processes and on-boarding functions remotely.

As many of our clients are still actively hiring or tactically preparing for future hiring, we’ve put together our top tips for interviewing virtually.

  • Avoid interviewing off of your phone unless you can mount it or have a stand!
  • Call a friend and practice to make sure you have proper lighting, angles, etc.
  • Cover the part of the screen that shows yourself with a post it or a small piece of paper so you are not tempted to keep checking what you look like while interviewing. (We’re all guilty of it!)
  • Get your personal grooming in order! Look prepared and polished. It might have been a while since you’ve got yourself “ready for the day” but you need to look interested, professional, and prepared for your interview – even if it is virtual!
  • Keep a short list of key points and questions you’d like to make/ask next to where your phone is propped or where your laptop/iPad is so you can easily see them or refer to them.
  • Test the video platform you are using prior to the interview. You may have not used Zoom or other video conferencing platforms like it before on your personal computer.
  • Make sure you are not too close or too far from the device you are using.
  • Make sure the background is not too busy or has too much sunlight.
  • Don’t speak too loudly. They can hear you just fine through the microphone!
  • Be sure your device is charged! You don’t want it to die mid-interview.

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