"Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality." -Bruce Lee

Will Lees has spent over 16 years in the recruiting industry with experience in Experiential, Marketing, Creative, Digital, Health & Wellness, and Cannabis. During that time, Will founded two staffing & recruitment firms: Rockstar Talent & Modeling and coNectar Recruiting, with the latter being absorbed by JBC in January of 2021 to further the Health & Wellness division with a strong anchor in the Cannabis industry.

Will currently leads the Health & Wellness team at JBC, comprised of experienced industry recruiters with the goal to continually contribute to the growth of what is quickly becoming one the fastest growing business sectors on a global scale. Will has always had an interest in cannabis, from its wide range of medicinal benefits to a strong belief that a universal adoption of hemp could solve a lot of environmental issues currently facing the world, and feels fortunate to bring together his passion for recruiting and cannabis every day in his career.

When not talking recruiting and cannabis, Will enjoys camping, gardening, and all things music as he’s also a singer/songwriter. Living in Nashville affords him the ability explore all these passions to their fullest extent.