The interview process: the suspense, the competition, the fear of the unknown…how do you get a step (or ten) above the rest?  We’re here to share what it takes to beat out the contenders and land that sought after position.

1.  Self-presentation is your middle name

One of the main reasons people are successful in getting hired is self-presentation…how you market yourself.  Everything from your outfit, hair, and makeup- to your handshake, how well you speak, and how confident you come off.  Your personality is a HUGE factor – whether or not you’re able to relate to people and build relationships internally or with outside clients and customers.

Tip:  Make sure your interview clothes are appropriate to the situation and look presentable.  Try to look awake, polished, and like you made time to get ready for the interview.  Looking disheveled or rushed can send the wrong impression.  Then, make sure you are exuding confidence in everything you do and say…this is always the most attractive quality.

2.  You’re ‘cultured’

Even if you aren’t naturally extremely outgoing, being able to work well with others is very important to employers.  A potential candidate needs to be capable of meshing well with a company’s ‘culture’…the teamwork, collective energy, quality, and overall personality of the company as a whole.

Tip:  To prove that you will fit perfectly within the company’s culture, definitely do your research first, to find out what this may or may not be like.  Then when you are in the interview, try to incorporate an example or story of a time when you displayed exceptional teamwork.

3.  You did your homework

Before you head in for your first interview, please do some research.  It never helps when you don’t know squat about the company…but it always impresses if you’ve read up and done your own work to find out who you’re applying to work with and why you want to work for them.

Tip:  Go to the company’s website, Google them, read reviews, find them on LinkedIn…anything to make you feel acquainted before you meet your interviewee.  This step will also aid you in eliminating or choosing between companies, based on the information that you find.

4.  You’re not afraid of commitment

Employers want to know that your intentions are for a long lasting life with their company.  One of the top reasons employers hire is because “the candidate exerts a huge interest in the company and desire to grow and learn to have a long, successful career with them.

Tip:  Let the employer know that you want a job with stability…a place where you can grow.  This will speak volumes!

5.  You meet the requirements

Although this is not a hard and fast rule in every industry, the growing pattern in many nowadays is that you need to have experience relevant to that of the job offered.  And not only does this experience need to be relevant, it ought to be recent enough to count.  Along with the proper qualifications, a candidate in line is also valuable if he/she “brings some new skills or ideas to the team.

Tip:  Again, this can be where research can come in quite handy.  Find out if your recent experience is applicable to the position at hand, then brainstorm ways you can contribute that may not be listed on the job requirements.

6.  Your resume is supreme

What your resume says about you can make or break a job from the get-go, so you don’t want to mess this step up.  Long gone are the days of the ‘one page only resume’…we officially grant you permission to color outside the lines, so to speak.  While you don’t want to bore your potential employer with unnecessary details, there is strength to be found in impressive experience…and frankly, it doesn’t always fit on a single sheet of paper.  Don’t shy away from all of the resume additions that are out there, either (ie:  online portfolios, LinkedIn, visual resumes, etc).  These little accoutrements are like extra credit homework.

Tip:  Take some time to sit down with your resume and really perfect it.  Then, pass it on to at least 2 different people to review…constructive criticism is your friend.  If you notice that your resume submissions are not getting responses, then you know it’s time to spice it up a bit.

7.  You’re Interweb-ready

Now that your resume is fresh…take it a little further with online presence.  You may already be on Facebook…perhaps even on LinkedIn.  But how do you look on these online profiles?  You know employers look at these now, and have every right to.  So even if your profile is private, make sure your social media connections are reflecting you in a professional light.  Also make sure that anything you have up is current.

Tip:  This tool is not so much new to the job world, as much as it is now required.  On Facebook:  put up an appropriate and decent profile picture that you’d want an employer to see, add a link to your blog, LinkedIn or whatever other online platform you may participate in.  On LinkedIn:  take the time to fully fill out your profile, connect to as many industry people as you can, and again with the profile picture.  Personal branding is tedious stuff, but it’s absolutely important.

8.  You’re an honest asset

Employers are thinking ahead when they offer you a job…so if you get the offer, that means that they also see value in you as an employee.  Most every company, in one way or another, is concerned with revenue.  So if you can either make them money or help lower their costs at all, the person hiring you will note that potential.

Tip:  If you have a specific experience that portrays your profitability, explain that in your interview.  If you have revenue examples, charts, or references who’d be able to back this trait up…you’ll quickly gain an upper hand.

9.  You take initiative

Going along with step #5, we urge you to go the extra mile.  Not only will new ideas add pep to this step, but being genuinely interested and eager to expand your horizons is an enormous plus.  It’s easy to be very upbeat in your interview, but an employer wants to see that continually if they hire you.

Tip:  Be very friendly to everyone in the workplace, not just the hirer.  Word can spread fast, so if you were rude to the receptionist…you can be sure that won’t go unnoticed.  If you display positivity, it will meet you with reward in the end.

10.  You used a recruiter!

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