The Top Ten Reasons to Hire a JBC Recruiter

Team JBC

Feb 20, 2018


Today we cover a topic that every job seeker contemplates. It’s a question we are asked daily: What are the benefits of going through a recruiter instead of applying to a job directly? The answer….. well, who better to explain than recruiters themselves?

  Here are our top 10 reasons to work with a JBC recruiter today!

1) It’s Free!

A common misconception with recruiting is that you (the candidate) have to pay us. Wrong! We are paid by our clients to find them the right talent and guide them through the hiring process. Our advice, time and engagement with candidates is free of charge.

2) Avoid Sending Your Resume into a Black Hole

When applying directly to a job on a company’s website or any job site (i.e. LinkedIn, Indeed), your resume gets grouped in with 100s of other applications.  Our job is to pass your resume directly to the client and more importantly, we are your advocate on your behalf. Who doesn’t want a personal cheerleader?

3) Relationships

We have invaluable relationships with companies’ hiring managers and their leadership. They respect our judgment/counsel, which will often help your candidacy. If you are the right fit, we promise, we are pushing for you!

4) Exclusive Jobs

Not only do many of our clients work exclusively with us as an agency, they also may not even post their available roles online. As mentioned above, we have relationships with our clients.  When they need something fast, we are the most efficient resource for them.  We understand what they are looking for and make it easy for them to have a small pool of qualified candidates hand delivered.

5) Your Resume

At JBC we not only look at your resume, but offer suggestions and edits that help speak to the role you are applying for. Our ultimate goal is to help you stand out to our clients in the most impactful way which means helping you put forth the best representation of yourself.  After meeting with you and learning about your current role we are able to understand your strengths and can lay them out clearly and concisely on your resume.

6) Interview Prep

Our commitment to you is to ensure you are fully prepared!  From the company culture, to benefits, time off and compensation, you will have all the knowledge you need throughout the entire interview process. We are just as engaged in this process as you are. We want to make this happen too!

7) Feedback

After every interview, we will give you any feedback that we get from our client. If you are not asked back, we will do our best to help you learn what to adjust for next time and help provide growth opportunities!

8) Market Knowledge

We are doing business in all 50 states and various countries. Job types, compensation and benefits vary in every city and with each client we work with. We know what the appropriate salary is for your role in your market and will both educate you and help you get the best package you can!

9) Honesty

What we hear most from our candidates is how different we are from other agencies. One of the main reasons is that we believe honesty is the best policy. Not a good fit for the role? Trust us, we will tell you! We want to find you a home, not just your next step!

10) Not a Transaction  

After being placed at your new role we do not just disappear. While we aren’t going to reach out every day, we want to stay in touch!  We will check in with you when you start and a month into your job to make sure everything is going well. We care about you and your career trajectory and we want to build a relationship for the future, not just today.

Ready? Come connect with one of our recruiters today to find out for yourself! Email your resume to today.