For as far back as she can remember, Rachel has been connecting people. It’s what drives her. Rachel is passionate about leading, recruiting and making professional matches that work. She “fell” into recruitment over 20 years ago and has never looked back. Rachel has had the great fortune to place some of the industry’s best technical and digital talent with top clients’ coast to coast.

Rachel grew up in the recruitment industry- straight out college she jumped in with two feet. She was lucky to find a career that fanned her flames for such a long time. Over the years she has worn many hats- Recruiter, Director of Recruitment, Vice President and Executive Vice President. Each role she has loved for different reasons, but with one common denominator - she must continue learning and motivating those around her. She is forever curious and enjoys learning from the top talent she has the pleasure of working with at JBC.
Rachel was given the unique challenge of assisting to start JBC’s digital and technology team 8 years ago alongside her CEO and COO. In these 8 years Rachel has grown more professionally that her previous 15 years in the business. She enjoys seeing her team grow and succeed and their success now fans those flames the highest. With a proven track record of establishing and fostering trusted relationships, a natural ability to identify and harvest the right talent for the job and leading the best team in her career, Rachel has big plans to help her team continue to positively impact the careers and companies of the people that work with JBC.