Profile of a Recruiter – As Told By a Recruiting Agency

Team JBC

Mar 27, 2012


Here it is dear readers – the profile of a recruiter as told by a recruiting agency.  Some may say being a recruiter is no easy role after taking a look at the odds; but we love what we do and want you to get to know us on a deeper level.  With tons of jobs to fill and a limited pool of candidates, a recruiter faces issues similar to that of the nation.

We specialize in placing talented candidates in roles in a variety of industries.  We’re here to help, but here’s the truth, we are a part of the whole.  Success lies in working together – be it recruiter and candidate or recruiter and client.  That said, get into our heads for a moment and let’s take some steps to help change the statistics. A few things to know about recruiters:

1. We don’t find jobs, we find talented individuals to fill open jobs.  Open jobs are provided by our clients and it is our job to find individuals who meet the criteria and have the background that is required by the client.

2. We are only a piece of the puzzle.  A recruiter should be one of many weapons in your arsenal of job-seeking tools.  Paired with networking, online research and other channels, job seekers gain an edge in the job market by enlisting a recruiter.

3. We appreciate honesty and will return the favor.  Be honest about your credentials, background, salary and previous employers.  We want to present you in the best light and that is only possible if we know the truth.  In return, we will be honest in regards to whether or not you are qualified for a role with only your well-being and career goals in mind.

4. We work with you, not for you.  There’s no other way to say it.  We want to help you find a job and move forward in your career; but if that job is not out there right now, we can’t create it for you.

5. We have your best interests in mind as well as that of our clients.  Finding you a job that you are qualified for and placing talent at a company in a role that suits their needs is our daily routine.  We’re great at what we do and we do it for you.