“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln

Maxwell Snyder is an accomplished cannabis recruiting professional acting as JBC’s Division Director for Health & Wellness with a focus on cannabis. Max double majored in Entrepreneurship and International Business at the American University of Paris in France.

Max started his recruiting career in New York City where he quickly learned how to provide best-in-class staffing and recruiting services in the pharmaceutical, creative and advertising space. From there, he navigated his way to a top boutique cannabis staffing agency, Santa Monica-based coNectar, which was absorbed by JBC in 2021. Due to his lifelong love of cannabis and the ability to overcome any challenge, he created a career path in recruiting that married his professional expertise with his passion.

Prior to joining JBC, Max saw an opportunity to bring hemp to his family farm and start his own CBD/hemp business with his wife, Tall Trees Hemp. From cultivation to sales, marketing, operations, logistics, finance and everything else under the sun, he taps into all aspects of the start-up. This in turn adds more value back to his clients by having a first-hand understanding of their needs.

Outside of the office, you can find Max spending time with family and friends, kicking it by the fire, stargazing and soul-seeking.