"We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less." --Diogenes

A New York native, who has lived and worked in the mid-west, south and Europe, Keith brings a well-rounded and tactical approach to business leadership and growth. His need to be passionate about what he does is best depicted in the JBC philosophy that the best way to grow a business is to have a product that sells itself organically while surrounding yourself with good and ethical people. Keith’s early stages of his career were incidentally in the recruitment world when he met with a prominent finance headhunter and was hired to work and mentor directly under him. It was during this time that Keith obtained a strong foundational knowledge on all aspects of the staffing industry as well as his self-proclaimed largest asset; the ability to listen to what people need rather than telling them. When this robust history was complimented by his long standing friendship with founder Bryan Zaslow which stems back to their early teens, the recipe for unabridged success was undeniable. To date, the two friends and business partners have built a brand that has experienced tremendous growth under their direction while maintaining a strong ethos and underlying positivity throughout the organization.