Vice President, Talent Acquisition Emily Schwartz

"Just one small positive in the morning can change your whole day” –Dalai Lama

Emily Schwartz, a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Natural Sciences, Retail Merchandising, was one of the original JBC gang to launch its West Coast presence in Los Angeles. Prior to JBC, she spent 6 years in the retail and wholesale world where she developed tons of long lasting relationships and a bigger obsession for fashion.

After spending 8 years growing and cultivating forever friends through her hard work, Emily moved to NY where she parlayed into a bicoastal force for all things lifestyle related. Understanding firsthand the retail and corporate talent needs of companies with locations coast to coast, Emily is passionate about developing personal connections with every client she works with – ranging from e-comm startups, to lifestyle apparel, to traditional luxury and everything in between.

Born and raised in Texas, she proudly displays her hot sauce collection and loves her “BBQ” (her nickname at JBC). She loves all animals and loves to travel any chance she gets. The LA office is not the same without her colorful lunch orders and her love for what rivals consumer brands and fashion; food. Where she puts it; the mystery remains.