Senior Talent Acquisition Executive Catie Fahrner

“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.” - George Elliston

I'm a California native, a recruiter, and a business builder. When I was introduced to JBC I quickly resonated with the team's insightful, compassionate, and relentless perspective. I look forward to bringing that same energy to the Health and Wellness team as we continue to put people first.

My career launched at Zappos in HR during the early days of the .com boom in San Francisco. I helped scale this explosive e-com startup from a few employees to hundreds within its defining years. I then pivoted into the world of fashion buying and merchandising, apprenticed with a team of industry leaders, and eventually built my buying team at Zappos in Las Vegas. For the past decade, I lived in Portland, Oregon, and was immersed in the fitness & wellness industry. As a senior trainer, I was leading recruiting, research & development, and DEI initiatives for an international boutique fitness brand.

My family and I moved back to California during the pandemic, and on the weekends you can find us exploring the beautiful South OC beaches and reveling in the local taco scene.