"Carpe Diem."

Bryan Zaslow is a proud father, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, philanthropist, and Founder & CEO of the JBC family of brands headquartered in New York City. Bryan received his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and his Business Degree in Finance and Marketing from the University at Albany School of Business.

After founding JBCStyle in 2006, he developed JBCHoldings to expand its reach to a range of rapidly growing businesses, now known as JBC and Janou Pakter. Bryan is proud to lead the JBC family in providing recruitment, human capital, and payroll solutions for the world's most innovative consumer-centric organizations through JBC and Janou Pakter.

Prior to building these current full-time endeavors, Bryan utilized his legal education by serving as Chief Compliance Officer and a member of the Legal Department for a Global Hedge Fund Administrator.  Additionally, Bryan was a founding partner in several consumer startups and continues to invest, advise and operate several today.

Outside of the office, one of Bryan's passion projects is the Ira Zaslow Foundation, a non-profit he created in honor of his father who was a victim of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.