"Love your Neighbor as Yourself!"

"If it ain't broken, improve it!" - that's what defines Andi's day to day approach. He is a cautiously optimistic "technologist" (as his young daughter calls him). After receiving his BS in Computer Science from the College of Staten Island - CUNY, he was involved in research, test and implementation of systems with IBM, NYC-DOE, and various non-profit organizations.

At JBC, Andi holds together the various parts of the infrastructure. He loves his hands-on approach not only to designing and implementing systems, but also support his colleagues on their day to day endeavors. His greatest joy is to see his solutions help JBC be flexible and adaptable to the unknown future.

Currently living in New York, but born and raised in Eastern Europe under the most oppressive communist regime, Andi is very sensitive to "liberating" ideas. Soon after the fall of communism he came to realize that the God the communists kept him from believing in, was the One who kept him alive. In fact Andi will tell you his assistants at JBC are angels keeping systems running. In his spare time, he loves discussing systems - not just technological but also ideological. However, If you want to see Andi drop EVERYTHING, ask him to play soccer.