Are you gearing up already to start your seasonal hiring? No? Well, we don’t know what you’re waiting for! August has historically been one of the slowest hiring months, with September starting the hiring rush. Like every year the holiday season seems to creep up out of nowhere.  More and more employers should start gearing up to meet the needs of their customers. How so? Well, by hiring more qualified staff, of course.

See what Team JBC has to say about whats to come for this holiday season.

Seasonal Trends by the Numbers

  • The National Retail Federation recorded a whopping 616.1 Billion in sales for the 2014 season, that number is expected to jump for 2015.
  • Nearly 65% of all purchases last holiday season went to the largest luxury retailers.

Seasonal Hiring Outlook

If you ask any store manager what their focus would rather be during the business months of the year; the answer would definitely not be reviewing resumes.  They simply didn’t have the time to look through a stack of resumes and would prefer focusing on providing customer service and generating sales. Cue JBC.

“Year after year we’ve seen a larger need for warehouse and supply chain temporary staff. More purchases online is starting to breed a new need for assemblers and packers. The faster the product is packed and shipped, the quicker the consumer gets their gifts.” says our Business Development Manager for JBC.

“Stores are making more money in the internet age,” says Gerald Storch, Chief Executive of Hudson Bay, parent company of Saks Fifth and Lorde & Taylor,”Growth [of internet purchases] is inextricably linked to the brick-and-mortar stores.”

JBC’s Talent Acquisition Manager for the Seasonal and Freelance Division quipped, “JBC has been hiring retail and corporate staff for years. We are the best in the industry. I might be biased, but we definitely know what we’re doing.” She went on to explain that the process is a little more robust than most recruiting agencies. All staff, whether a direct hire or a temporary seasonal staff is vetted and screened. “We have the best technology for screening all of our retail staff, if we need 25 temps at a luxury store in Las Vegas, we have a deep pool of candidates we can call on.”